They humor me. :-)

They humor me. :-)


I am a mother of two girls, a Disney fan at heart, and UX designer by trade. I studied art in college and now find myself using those skills to make princess-y things for my daughters, Viola and Evangeline. Delighting them is one of my favorite hobbies!

I started this blog because of the interest in my 'Princess Projects'. I found myself repeating the same conversations over and over again with different friends and families members who wanted more details--- I didn't mind, because I LOVE to talk about princess-y things, but it occurred to me that it might be easier to start a blog. I guess I'm finally #embracingthe90's!

I realize that there are lots of folks who take an "anti-princess" stance for their kids, and I totally support that point-of-view. I just happen to like fancy things. If I could wear hoop skirts to work, I would! But, since it's impractical (a hoop skirt would never fit through the elevator door), I am relegated to a wardrobe of grown-up pantsuits, which is probably why I'm thrilled to spoil my girls with overly-frilly things for as long as they're willing to play along with me! 

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with Disney or Universal or any entertainment corporation. I'm not a Disney Vacation Planner or anything like that. My stories are my own; I hope that my readers might gain inspiration or insight from them, but I don't speak from a place of authority, just personal experience. I don't collect advertising revenue or anything from the essays/give aways that I'm doing.