The Twelve Days of... Halloween?


Is it just me, or is Halloween spiraling out of control? I feel like this year we had weeks and week of Halloween --- perhaps this has been going on for some time, and it's just that my kids are older now and can participate in all the Halloween goodness that I'm noticing it? 

In the month of October we attended no less than SIX Halloween dress-up occasions: 

Hallowe'en at Greenfield Village

(Witch costumes)

School Trunk-or-Treat

(Pirate costumes)

Downtown trick-or-treating 

(V: Aurora, E: Sofia the First)

Town Halloween Hoot

(V: Aurora, E: Sofia the First)

School Halloween Party

(V: Anna Coronation, E: Jessie)

Neighborhood Trick-or-treating

(improvised warm outfits)

We also did Disney on Ice: though not technically Halloween, it involved dress up so I think it should sort of count... There were a whole bunch of other local events (like church Trunk-or-Treat and Mall trick-or-treating and a friend's Halloween party) that we were just too tired to attend.... that is to say, the list could have been much longer!


When I was a kid Halloween was confined to Oct 31st. It's like Halloween realized it needed to step up its game if it was going to compete with Christmas. As for Thanksgiving - what Thanksgiving? It's being squeezed right out! 

Don't get me wrong, I love Halloween. Its my favorite holiday, what with all the costumes and dressing up. But sometimes too much of a good thing is a bad thing, you know? By Oct 31 I was pretty Halloween'ed out. And, it was snowing. 

That's right: SNOWING! 

I don't like sending the girls out in costumes with coats over them (because what's the point of dressing up if no one can see what's under your winter coat?) so we quickly pieced together costumes for warmth. All options of princess costumes pretty much went out the window with the first snowflake (snow, people!)  Fortunately, Eva still fit into Viola's first Halloween costume: a padded, super warm spider outfit. And Viola pieced together a fun orange-and-black ensemble on top of lots of layers, using bits and pieces from last year's Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party components.


The girls made it up and down both sides of our street, but didn't feel up to crossing onto the next block. They wrapped up early and spent the rest of the evening handing out candy to the brave (mostly older) kids who were still out risking frostbite.

All-in-all, kinda anticlimactic given all the Halloween lead-up activities, don't you think?

On the bright side, Halloween brought great deals on Princess costumes! Ebay is the best for picking up used costumes right before and after Halloween! I was even able to snag a Limited Edition Snow White costume (which I've been coveting forever!--- review to follow!) and some nice costumes on post-Halloween discount from the for our upcoming trip in March! :-) 

I hope all your Halloweens were wonderful (and warmer than ours!)