#throwbackthursday: Corporate Trick-or-Treating

Happy #tbt!  

This will be the first year that my kids won't be participating in a Corporate Trick-or-Treat. For many years I worked at a downtown tech company that had a fun tradition of parading the employees kids through the building. Each admin station had candy to give out and many of the employees at their desks. It was a ton of fun, even before I had kids old enough to participate. 

So, feeling a bit nostalgic today I pulled out some old photos from the girls' Corporate trick-or-treating adventures! Enjoy!


Viola is wearing the Belle Wedding dress from the DisneyStore. We bought it used on eBay and it's one of my favorites! It's an unusual, and sort of old dress (I prefer "vintage", I think it was released in 2009), which is why I was delighted when we ran across another one at the Renaissance Festival this summer!

Does your office do something similar? Do you wish they did?