A Very FROZEN Birthday Party

For her 5th birthday, Viola had an really fun Princess & Pirates party. But for her 6th she had informed me she didn't want to do princesses again (because QUOTE "we did that LAST year.") and wanted to have a Luau theme instead. 

I was pretty excited about a Luau party. There are some pretty cool sandcastle cake designs on Pinterest and I'd started looking for someone who could teach the girls how to Hula dance. There would be tropical flowers and coconut cups and surfboard decorations and.... we could probably re-use the seashells and raft from last year's pirate decorations...

....and then FROZEN hit theaters.

I knew the movie would be big in our house as soon as I saw the previews: TWO princesses, an older one blond and a younger one brunette?  It was as if Disney designed the movie specifically to strip the money out of my pockets.  

Suffice to say, the Luau party plans were tossed aside in Viola's mind the minute she stepped out of the theater and princesses were BACK ON! Fortunate for me, this was in November. I was able to take advantage of the post-holiday clearance sales and picked up a ton of snowflake and winter-themed decorations at rock bottom prices. It was a little strange to decorate the house with snow in April, when we were all so desperately ready for spring, but the party was beautiful and the kids had a great time "bringing back summer!" (which was the theme of our games). 

If you'd like a little more backstory on our party preparations, please read the separate posts:

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Special Guests

So, now that you know how we got here, you probably want to know how the party went?  Well, in short, it was AWESOME! I'll just let the images speak for themselves!