Teddy Bear Tuesday: lost-proof

You may remember the story of Ah-Ah, the lost lovey, which went viral a few months ago. If not, let me sum it up for you real quick: child has a beloved monkey, child loses beloved monkey, child is heartbroken, mom finds monkey on ebay years later, tears. I saw the story of Ah-Ah not long before our 2013 Trip to Disney World and it totally freaked me out.

Why? Because my girls love their ShellieMay bears. And if they lost them they'd be beside themselves. And if they lost them and were beside themselves I don't know if I could replace them. And if I could replace them, it wouldn't be quick, because it would take at least as long as shipping a new ShellieMay bear from Tokyo. The girls were insistent about taking their bears with them on our trip, but I kept thinking of Ah-Ah and imagining a scenario where the bear gets left on the tram or monorail never to be seen again was keeping me up at night. Literally! 

I was at the pet store getting tags made for our new kitten when it struck me that I should just tag the bears--- Disney World is a generally friendly place and I believed that should the bears get lost, if they were identifiable, they would get them back to us. Sorta like what happened at the Amelia Island Ritz-Carlton

I realize that this isn't a revolutionary idea, now that I'm typing it up it's a little like "yeah, put tags on your lovies, DUH!" but I've never heard of someone doing it for a child's stuffed animal before, whereas I hear all the time about beloved toys being left behind on trips or lost on outings and how heartbreaking that is for the little ones. So, I thought I'd share our little story of how we lost-proof our bears, in case it's something that's keeping you up at night as well. 

Added bonus: now that we have two ShellieMays and two Duffys, it also helps identify the girls' bears from one another! 

Happy Teddy Bear Tuesday!