Teddy Bear Tuesday: Michigan Renaissance Festival

A few years back we attended the Michigan Renaissance Festival. Being that it was Pirate Weekend Viola brought along her Duffy and ShellieMae dressed in their pirate gear! Viola enjoyed picking out "the most beautiful" guests she saw to pose with the bears for her scrapbook. My personal favorite picture is this one (below) with the knight. We have pictures of Viola with this particular knight every year since she was a baby (though I don't actually know his name, I just know him as 'hey, look, there's the knight we got Cello's picture taken with last year!')  


By far the most exciting moment of the day for Viola was when she saw "The real Captain Jack Sparrow!" Fortunate for us, Captain Jack was a good sport about posing for pictures with teddy bears. In fact, everyone she asked was a pretty good sport about it. We didn't make it to the Renaissance festival the past two years, but are looking forward to going this summer for sure! We'll have to try to make it for pirate weekend again so we can add more pictures to our scrapbook! Or perhaps something entirely different? (Entirely different, you know, relatively speaking...)