New Palace Pets coming August 1st!

We stopped by Build-a-Bear this weekend to pick up a gift card and outfit as a birthday present for Viola's very good friend (and fellow Disney Princess fan). Viola was pretty excited about this flyer announcing two new Palace Pets coming August 1st! Viola has been working toward earning the reward of a Build-a-Bear for the past few weeks... she had her eye on the new My Little Pony Apple Jack but as soon as she saw the flyer Apple Jack fell a few rungs down her priority list.... two, to be exact!  


Haven't heard of the Palace Pets yet? Lucky you!! They were an instant hit at our house... Princesses + Snuggly kittens and puppies + sparkly tiaras?  Why don't I just have my paycheck direct deposited into Disney's bank account?

Just as a side note, it seems that Rapunzel's horse Blondie has been replaced with a yellow kitten named Summer? According to Viola this is because BABW didn't have enough fabric to make a bunch of ponies.... Upon further investigation it seems that each princess has both a pony and a small furry pet (kitten, puppy, bunny, skunk, etc.) So, yeah, umm... like I was saying about my paycheck going straight to Disney?...