Teddy Bear Tuesday: The Oldest Teddy Bear Ever?

IS this the oldest bear in the world?

The mummified teddy is going on display at the Tutankhamun Exhibition today. Museum curator Tim Batty said the bandaged bear was discovered by archaeologists from the Institute of Egyptbearology and could have been a treasured childhood toy of Tutenkhamun.

He said: “The discovery of such an ancient Egyptian teddy bear is unprecedented. The 3,000-year-old mummified teddy bear was excavated in a funerary deposit it the Valley of the T’eds near Luxor in Egypt.

Michael Ridley, the director of The Tutankhamun Exhibition, added that a papyrus inscribed in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs found with the bear is extremely rare.

“It is the first papyrus ever found that shows that the ancient Egyptians worshiped the Great Teddy Bear – or as the ancient Egyptians called it Djed-i-bar”, he said....

You know me, I love all things Egyptian, so I couldn't resist this article about a mummified teddy bear for today's TBT! You can read more about it here!

Happy Teddy Bear Tuesday everyone! (And happy April Fools, too!)