Frozen Costume Review - (PART 2) - Anna's Cold-Weather Gear

Note, this post was originally written in July 2014. For an update on Frozen costumes go here.)



I wrote previously about Elsa's Blue Gown - this is the outfit she creates with her ice powers in the midst of singing "Let it Go". For those who've seen the movie (and, really, who hasn't at this point?) you know that while that is going on, her sister Anna is busy following her up the mountain against a blizzard. She stops in Trader Oaken's post where she purchases a change of clothing that consists of a blue skirt, a turquoise top, embroidered vest and magenta cape.

When the costumes became available prior to the movie's release and I first saw Anna's costume I feel in love with the layers and detailing. As I mentioned when I wrote about Elsa's costume, when we received our costumes my daughters spent several days imagining what the story might be about based on the dresses. The theory was that Anna was the princess of spring with powers over all the flowers, that she couldn't step foot into winter, and that she commanded an army of flower people. Close, right?

There are two versions of Anna's cold-weather gear available from Disney (as opposed to Elsa's blue dress of which there are already FOUR versions!) That's because in the park, girls can purchase Anna's coronation ball gown instead--- no worries, I'll get to that shortly.


I think that this is one of my favorite Disney costumes so far. They've mimicked the layering of the costume in the movie such that you might mistake it for being a bodice over a skirt and shirt if you weren't looking too carefully. The Deluxe costume also comes with a fur-lined half-cape which is just the right length for make-believe play. This dress retails new for under $50, and my advice is that if you can get your hands on it, do! It's really beautiful and worth the money.

UPDATE: It appears that the Anna Deluxe costume has had a minor redesign, with the newer version having a single skirt with a scalloped design instead of the layered skirt of the original. This makes sense since as I've already reported the Elsa costume had a minor redesign recently. However, I haven't seen the new Anna version myself yet, this is just based off of images I've seen online (included below). It also looks like the cape has lost its second layer as well. Still a lovely costume, though!

UPDATE, UPDATE: With the restock on 11/29/15, the design is back to the double-layered skirt and original cape design. Perhaps this design was just a stop-gap solution due to all the stock problems?



What is there to say here? The LE Anna costume is simply gorgeous. And great for Halloween with it's many warm layers! This costume is literally layered with a separate embroidered bodice that slips over the dress. The skirt is a crushed velvet material with lovely floral detailing. The only bit that I'm not in love with is the cape--- it is a full cape, very long and very heavy. It is covered in a sparkly sequin pattern that, to me, feels a bit overwrought. I'm always hoping to get a picture of the girls without the cape, but they always insist on wearing it. If it wouldn't completely ruin the resale value of the costume, I would remove the long portion and keep the short caplet. Oh well.

The cape attaches at the neck to a red gem that SINGS! You heard that right: press the pendant and hear Anna perform "for the first time in forever". It's like they knew FROZEN would become popular for it's music or something, right? Last, but not least, the costume is complete with Anna's hat which has embroidering on the back and pom pom ties. I LOVE this detail, and wish the Deluxe version had a hat as well!

Anna's LE costume comes in it's own garment bag which is a new component with the FROZEN LE costumes that I really appreciate. The tag is attached to the garment bag so, as I mentioned in my Elsa post, this may make determining whether a costume is truly NWT/Unworn on the resale market in the years to come. The tags, by the way, are both absolutely stunning pieces of print design. Since I haven't seen them documented anywhere, I thought I'd include a few pictures here for you.




SNOW BOOTS: When I watched FROZEN for the first time, I couldn't help but keep thinking "Hey, there's Eva's boots!" The Anna boots which were made to go with either the LE or Deluxe Anna costumes are really nicely made, solid, quality footwear. (Unusual in the universe of dress up shoes). We bought a pair for Viola to wear as Pirate boots, too.  On the back of the boot is an embroidered stylized A for Arendale, or Anna, or either. :-)  One thing you should be aware of: the toes of the boots are textured with I'm-not-sure-what... because Eva wears her costumes long (we boy them big to get years of use out of them) the dress touched the boots and continuously snagged on the texture of the toe area. As a result the hem of her Deluxe Anna dress became fairly ratty and tattered after only a few wears. If that's something that is going to be an issue for you, I'd recommend making sure the skirt is short enough not to brush the feet.

GLOVES AND EARMUFFS: Anna's accessory set includes both gloves and earmuffs embroidered to match the costumes. These were both big hits with the girls, who love having the gloves when they're playing. Unlike Elsa's gloves which are 1-size-fit-all and too big for my daughter's hands, Anna wears mittens which means size discrepancies aren't as noticeable. Though they're made to look warm and knitted, they're fairly light and airy making them good for indoor play. You could easily put them over a pair of real mittens, though, part of why I started by saying Anna's costume is a great option for Halloween in areas where October starts to get chilly!

JEWELS: Anna's accessories kit also comes with a beautiful red jewel necklace and earrings styled similar to the pendant/cape clasp on the LE costume. In my opinion, this is one of the prettiest jewelry sets the Disney Store has offered.

TIARA: Both Anna and Elsa have very similar crowns, which I wrote about previously under the Elsa review, but I'll repeat here: Anna's crown is the gold one and Elsa's is silver. They're very sold crowns, in that they have a thick pattern to them instead of the more delicate scrolling of other princess designs. This makes them a bit on the heavy side. The combs themselves are an issue for my girls at least, and they often complain they're uncomfortable (this applies to all the crowns with combs, not just the FROZEN ones). But they're nice enough and if you have the rest of the outfit you need the crown, right?  

WIG:  There is a wig offered for Anna's, but it's in the style that matches her Green Coronation Ball Gown which I will review next... stay tuned!