Teddy Bear Tuesday: ShellieMarionette

Continuing on the ShellieMay bear excitement, a special package arrived today! My ShellieMay puppet, bought and shipped from Tokyo! Sometimes Mamma's just have to buy themselves something special, you know?

I love the Duffy franchise and on our last trip I absolutely fell in love with the little Duffy hand-puppet, so much so that I bought two (one for myself and one to give as a gift). It was only a matter of time before I caved and bought him a little puppet friend. The trick is keeping them out of the sticky grasp of the kids, hence their current home on the highest shelf in my studio! Aren't they adorable? I wonder how hard it would be to sew a couple little outfits for them so they're not bear-naked anymore?

I'm so excited that ShellieMay is going to be arriving in Aulani, have I mentioned?? :-) I really hope that that means she will soon be at Disney World! I think she'll be hugely popular, especially if she comes with a line of princess dresses and accoutrements! Fingers crossed!