#throwbackthursday: BBBoutique then and now

On our first trip to Disney in 2011 we booked the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique on a whim. It was a truly magical experience. Viola picked out a Rapunzel costume (which was a surprise because at the time her favorite princess was Cinderella) and we were able to meet Rapunzel right afterward---- she made such a fuss over Viola, it's still one of her very favorite memories and I'm sure part of what took us from Disney fans to Disney SUPER fans who couldn't wait to go back! Not to mention, it kicked off my interest in the variety of Princess costumes available.

So, I thought I'd share some of my favorite pics from our two trips to the BBBoutique! Next year I'm hoping to be able to make side-by-side reservations for Viola and Eva to go together! Eva (who hasn't gone at all) put the BBBoutique at the top of her wish list, whereas Viola is really excited on this trip to try out the Pirate League (and the BBBoutique, of course).

25_100_1013 copy.JPG

The BBBoutique can seem a bit over-the-top when you're not at Disney World, but trust me: when you're in the park surrounded by gaggles of little girls in sequin dresses and up-dos, it seems downright odd NOT to get a makeover. 


There's only a couple more years left when Viola will be into this sort of thing, so I'm embracing it while it lasts! Our next trip will probably be out last for dress up with her, and Eva isn't that far behind. Someday some lucky, lucky person will inherit our awesome collection of princess costumes.... but not quite yet!!