#throwbackthursday: Hakuna Matata!

The Festival of the Lion King re-opened this week at Disney's Animal Kingdom and I hear the new venue is fantastic!  We can't wait to check out the new venue on our next trip in 2015!

I thought it might be nice this #tbt to share some pictures from our earlier visits to the show--- in 2011 when Viola was just 3 years old she was selected from the audience to join the parade around the arena. Viola has always been outgoing and a bit on the fearless side, but I didn't expect her to want to go off in the midst of such a wild show in front of so many people.... to my awe (and a smidge of dismay) she took off without hesitation! 

My husband was supposed to be recording the whole thing on the video camera... he followed her through the arena, zooming in and out... alas, he forgot to hit the record button, something I often remind him about! So, all we have is the memory and a few grainy pictures that I took with my phone. It was awesome to see her out there, so little but so un daunted! 

26_IMG_2693 copy.JPG

In 2013 we returned to Festival of the Lion King, sat in the same seats, and again were selected to have the kids participate in the parade--- both of them this time! And just like that a new Disney tradition is born! But, from now on, I'm in charge of the video camera!  :-)