#throwbackthursday: Chef Mickey's missing photographer...

Here's a cute picture from our last trip in 2013. We were bummed that on the day we had breakfast for our group (of nine!) at Chef Mickey, the photopass system was down and so we didn't get the classic group picture. But we did catch this adorableness while we waited for our table. So, not a total loss! ;-)

I remember eating at Chef Mickey's (before it was renamed that, of course) when I was a kid in the mid-80's. As a kid it totally blew my mind that the monorail went right through the hotel/restaurant!  I'll have to try and dig up some of those pics for next week's #tbt!

Did you know that even if you don't opt in for a photopass, you can just hand your camera to the photopass photographer and they'll take the picture for you anyway?