#throwbackthursday: Viola's first Character Meet!

21IMG_1949 copy.JPG

Our first trip to Disney World in 2011 was decidedly un-organized. We put the whole thing together in less than 4 weeks and while we were able to patch together some ADRs, they were scattered all over the place and at really strange times (like lunch at 2:00 and dinner at 7:00). We didn't have much in the way of a plan for the parks, either, and having not been there since the early 90's were in a lot of ways totally unprepared for how much things had changed. 

On our first day in Magic Kingdom we were making our way up the hill toward Cinderella's Castle when we saw folks standing in line for no particular reason. We asked a nearby Cast Member what was up, and were informed that the Tremaine Family would be appearing shortly. We stood in line, only to reach the front as the Ugly Stepsisters were ending their shift and were replaced --- much to our delight --- with the Fairy Godmother! This is still the only time we've ever seen the Fairy Godmother and it happens to also be Viola's first Character meet---- I can't think of a more magical first introduction to Disney World Characters, can you? :-)