#throwbackthursday: The Empress Lilly

photo 03.JPG

On our last few trips, I've kept saying "I have this vague memory of a character breakfast on a riverboat with a big paddle wheel" and no one seemed to know WHAT I was talking about! I remembered it being in Magic Kingdom and someone said what I was remembering was actually eating at the Crystal Palace. I kept insisting it was definitely a boat with a paddle wheel. 

As I was going through the old photo albums looking for a picture for an earlier post, I came across a pic of the paddleboat, and the breakfast we had there, as well as a note "After breakfast on the Empress Lilly, we headed over to EPCOT". 

Ah-ha! Mystery solved. Turns out I wasn't imagining things: the Empress Lilly was a real restaurant. It was closed in 1995 and re-opened as Fulton's in Downtown Disney and the paddle wheel was removed. Phew! Here's to not being completely crazy.... :-)