No, seriously: what's up with Frozen Merchandise?

I wrote previously about the problem with FROZEN merchandise, and if you've liked Princess Rants on Facebook, then you'll know that I've been trying to give folks the heads up when Elsa costumes are back in stock, because I know a lot of people are still looking for them, especially with Halloween coming up. After a long span of not being in stock, they were replenished on Monday (Aug 18th) in the morning. I posted about it around 8:30am and by 9:00 they were totally sold out. I wondered whether that might be the last stocking opportunity prior to Halloween (since the restocks have been several weeks apart throughout summer).

A few days ago I noticed that the has added a banner to their Frozen site that seems to be an attempt to calm panicked parents everywhere thinking the same thing. I've never seen their site do something like this and I really want to commend them for being transparent and giving parents hope that there will be another chance before Halloween!  I just hope that restock is large enough to deal with demand. It breaks my heart to think of little kids who want this costume for Halloween (or, gulp, Christmas!) and their parents desperately trying to find one. You wouldn't expect this to still be an issue almost a year after the movie came out, would you? 

As a reminder, I am still giving away a size 5/6 Elsa costume to one lucky reader (perfect timing for Halloween!)  The giveaway ends in a little less than a week! If you haven't entered yet, make sure you do! I've never used PunchTab before, but my understanding is that the system will auto-select the winner and as soon as I have that info I will be in touch! Best of luck to everyone still trying to find an Elsa dress! I will keep my fingers crossed for you (and I'll keep posting when I notice they're restocked via my Facebook site, so be sure to add me on there, too!)