Teddy Bear Tuesday: Back to school!

It's that time of year again! Back to school! I'm sure all the parents out there can relate to the mix of elation and disappointment that is Fall (best summed up, I think, by the Holderness' "Baby Got Class" viral video--- which, if you haven't seen it yet, seriously, get on that link....!)  :-)

Viola had a really hard time last year in Kindergarten. She had a very nice, well-meaning teacher who was young in her career and so was extremely testing-centric and all about Common Core benchmarks (understandably so, as this is how she will be measured in her job advancement). Unfortunately as a result, Viola was subjected to hours upon hours of worksheets daily both at school and at home. We alternated between trying to be supportive of the class direction and extreme disappointment with it. Ultimately, we instituted a no-homework rule and that resolved some Viola's frustration. But it was heart wrenching to watch a kid who otherwise LOVED reading and learning struggle so much out of frustration and boredom to the point where IN KINDERGARTEN she announced how much she hated school. But, I digress. 

This post isn't about academic philosophy! It's about teddy bears! As school approaches next week our home is filled with excitement and some trepidation. We are all hoping that this year's experience will be a great improvement over last year's. Viola has a seasoned teacher for 1st grade and we hope that makes a difference. But because I know Viola is anxious I wanted to add something special to help her get through the days. Hence, a tiny Duffy bear sewn into the pocket of her backpack. She can't remove it from the pocket, so it won't get lost or stolen or be a distraction. But I'm hoping it will keep her focused on the good things ahead and provide a bit of extra comfort and encouragement when she's away at school.

And, c'mon, it's just darn adorable, isn't it? Look at those itty bitty arms!

Oh, and PS:  note that this Mamma scored a Frozen backpack. My husband said I was crazy ordering it several months ago because - surely!- the Frozen merchandise issue would be resolved by then and they'd be in stock in fall. (It's not, of course, and they aren't. And if I'd waited a moment longer (literally, they sold out in like 5 minutes and haven't been restocked since!) we wouldn't have one! 10 points to Mamma's Disney Shopping Intuition! :-)