Elsa Costume Giveaway Winner Announced!

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I don't usually write posts on Saturdays, but I know everyone is anxious to know the results of the Elsa Costume giveaway. This was my first time hosting a raffle, or using PunchTab and I wanted to share the process with you all. When I logged in the interface gave me an option of either selecting a winner or choosing one at random. I picked random, which then asked me to enter a number between 1 and 121.  I picked 114. 

There were 121 entries in total but only 26 individual entrants. The winner that the system selected had entered many, many times using all the available means.

The particular entry that won is categorized as "referrer"--- this means that the winner posted the giveaway to her Facebook and that someone clicked through, earning both her and her referrer an entry! I hope she thanks whomever it was that clicked through because that friend won her an Elsa costume! It just goes to show that multiple entries DO add up! (I'll bee keeping that in mind the next time I enter a contest myself!)

The lucky winning ticket! 

The lucky winning ticket! 

I have written to the winner the happy news, and asked that they confirm that they have not gotten an Elsa costume another way (since, according to PunchTab, it's been 53 days since they entered the giveaway!)  If they confirm that they have not and still want the costume for themselves (not to sell) then I will be mailing it to them right away. In the off chance that they have been able to get an Elsa costume in the intervening weeks, PunchTab gives me the opportunity to select a runner up winner.

Congrats to the winner, Meghan R.!  For those who did not win and are still looking for an Elsa dress, I wish you all success! I wish I had enough dresses to give to every little girl who wants one, and I sincerely hope that this merchandising issue resolves itself quickly and that you are able to find costumes in time for Halloween.

Thank you again to all who participated in this giveaway.

Please stay tuned to PrincessRants.com as I have another costume giveaway in the works, which I will be announcing next week. (Hint: it's the perfect outfit for Halloween OR an afternoon shopping for back-to-school supplies at Diagon Ally!)