Frozen Costume Review - (PART 3) - Anna's Green Coronation Gown

(Note, this post was originally written in July 2014. For an update on Frozen costumes go here.)


The whole Green Coronation Costume is an odd mystery, indeed, insofar as Disney Princess costumes go. You might remember the Green Coronation gown as the one that Anna wore to her sister's coronation, that subsequently got frozen solid when she fell in the river outside Oaken's Trading Post and was traded in for what became Anna's signature look: the blue cold-weather costume. Disney has released two versions of this costume: one for the parks and one that was briefly sold on the DisneyStore online... and when I say briefly, I mean really briefly as the dress was recalled before the packages actually arrived for those lucky enough to have bought it when it was first made available. Because you'll see these green gowns on eBay I thought it important to give them their own review focused on what you should be aware of if you're thinking of buying one off the resale market.


The Bibbidy Bobbidi Boutique has been offering Anna/Elsa makeovers, with wigs.

The Bibbidy Bobbidi Boutique has been offering Anna/Elsa makeovers, with wigs.

When we were at Disney World in 2013 they were already offering Anna's Green gown in the Norway shop. As I mentioned in my Princess Primer, the theme park costumes are lighter and less detailed than the full costumes. Considering that technically there isn't a full costume of the green gown the theme park version will have to do. My husband calls this the "shower curtain" dress, because the skirt is a solid, unlayered affair with the signature rosemaling pattern but the texture his like a heavy vinyl. It's definitely not for twirling. I felt that the dress was fairly expensive as I recall, I think it was around $85ish, and I remember remarking that that was near the Deluxe price point with not as much detailing as a Deluxe costume.

After our trip in October 2013, Eva wore the green Anna dress to tea with Santa. It's just the right shade of green for a nice holiday picture! You can see that the skirt doesn't really give much and holds wrinkles.

After our trip in October 2013, Eva wore the green Anna dress to tea with Santa. It's just the right shade of green for a nice holiday picture! You can see that the skirt doesn't really give much and holds wrinkles.


The Deluxe version of the dress was sold briefly, and then recalled. The recall reason was that the dye wasn't fixed and could transfer to skin or other material. We decided to keep our dress because I didn't see any evidence that the dye would transfer, and because even if it did transfer I wasn't really worried. I keep it in a garment bag separate from the other costumes, though, just in case. The Deluxe dress is lovely, though it has a faded quality to the shade of green---- I wish it were more vibrant. The detailing is lovely and in place of the cameo with Anna on it is an understated gold token with similar rosemaling design. 

Now, I saw the green dress for sale on the DisneyStore website a few weeks ago. It sold out fairly quickly and hasn't been restocked. I'm assuming that these were a 2nd run of the costumes and that Disney didn't resell the recalled dresses. As far as I can tell, they were identical to the 1st run (in terms of design and tags and everything) so I really don't know how you will be able to tell the difference when buying the costume used between one that was recalled and one that was not.... so, be extra careful if you choose to purchase this dress used in the future, ask for extensive pictures and ask the seller whether this is the recalled version or not. I've seen these dresses reselling for as high as $250 and as low as $30 which I think is because of the uncertainty around the recall issue. The original price was somewhere around $85, I think.

Hands down, the Deluxe version of the costume is superior to the theme park version in every way.... Like I said, I chose not to recall our dress and surprised Viola with it the morning of our Frozen birthday party--- I had it set up on my sewing mannequin and everything when she woke up and the result was a resounding Meh. Viola continues to be 100% loyal to Elsa, I guess. In a few years, though, I'm confident that Eva will be all over this dress and it was a big hit with the party guests, so it didn't go to waste.

UPDATE: The green gown has been restocked (and sold out quickly) twice in the last few months. I have no idea how resale purchasers will be able to tell the difference between a recalled dress and a non-recalled dress as they are identical.



Accessories to accompany Anna's green gown are limited to shoes and a wig---- well, and of course the tiara, too which I already reviewed in my previous post about the cold-weather outfit. The shoes are beautiful, available from the Disney Store and seem to be easy enough to find considering that they were produced to go with the recalled dress. The wig is sold in the theme parks (I haven't seen it available online) and features Anna's signature undo from the coronation ball and green ribbons that match the theme park dress but which are close enough to be worn with either. In my opinion, this wig runs a little on the small side and seems better suited for my younger daughter.

Another blogger put together a really great side-by-side photo comparison of the two green coronation costumes. If you want to dig further into the differences in trim I definitely recommend that you check it out! This is one of my favorite dresses so my advice would be that if you come across the Deluxe version at an affordable price you should consider snapping it up... even if the green dye does run, it comes off with warm water so no harm no foul.... unless you have white upholstery in which case you might want to be wary... 

As of now, Anna has been wearing the green coronation gown for parades, but meeting exclusively in her blue cold-weather gear so there's not an opportunity for a mini-me photo op as of yet. If you're looking for a costume with that in mind, then you'll need to try to get a hold of one of the blue Anna costumes (good luck! They're almost as impossible to find as Elsa's blue gown).  Lastly, as an aside, does it bug anyone else that they made Anna's green coronation gown but not Elsa's?  I loved Elsa's coronation gown in the movie (full disclosure: I'm partial to teal) and would love to see a coronation costume in the future. Maybe that will be the October LE release?