Teddy Bear Tuesday: Of Bears and Clothes!

This week Viola will be in New York and she's taking her ShellieMay bear with her, which means packing up some of her favorite outfits for the trip!

I thought I was so clever when I made the rule of "One bear: Many outfits!" to limited our accumulation of Build-a-Bear stuffed animals.... now my house is seriously overrun with bear clothes!

To help keep things neat and tidy, I added a low clothes rail to Viola's Ikea closet and my husband created these bear-sized hangers. Thought I'd share some pictures with you for inspiration! They're fairly easy to make with some wire and pliers: once you have one figured out the rest go pretty smoothly. We added the notches after the dresses kept sliding off the first hangers, and because a lot of the BABW sets have long strings so that they can be hung up, too!

The problem is... that that is about 1/4 of the total amount of bear clothes we have. The rest are kept in the playroom and organized in 1gal ziplock bags by outfit in Ikea cubes... or scattered all over the floor... mostly scattered all over the floor, truthfully. But, it's a good plan in theory! 

Do you have any tricks for keeping Shelly and Duffy's clothes tidy and organized? I'd love to hear in the comments below!