Teddy Bear Tuesday: ShellieMay coming to Aulani!!

Have you heard, have you heard?!  ShellieMay is coming to Aulani this year!  Finally! This isn't a rumor, it's been officially announced on the Disney Blog!  We couldn't be happier! 

I will never understand why it's taken them soooo long to bring ShellieMay to the states. I've read that the parks were waiting to see whether Duffy would catch on or not... it seems odd to me, considering that little girls LOVE dressing up teddy bears. Don't think this is true: just look at BABW's gigantic and uber-popular line of Disney Princess bear dresses!

For those who aren't familiar with her yet, Shellie May is the girlfriend of Duffy the Disney Bear. Here is her story (in English! Yay!) 


We were lucky to have a friend send us Shellie May bears from TokyoSea in 2012 and they've been the girls' constant companions ever since. I'm hoping that Aulani will be a quick step and that Shellie bears and merchandise will be available in the parks and online soon! We've never been able to afford the official ShellieMay clothes that are imported/resold on eBay even though they are soooo cute!

Maybe even by next March??  :-)