DIY / Homemade: Elsa's Coronation Dress options

One of the questions I get asked about the most is around getting a dress-up version of Elsa's coronation dress. I hear ya! Elsa's coronation dress is one of my favs (hello, it's TEAL!!) Alas, I haven't heard anything about one coming from the Disney Store--- though I can't imagine that they won't make one eventually. They already made a dress up version of Anna's coronation dress (albeit, it was limited production and ultimately recalled). 

If you're hoping for an Elsa coronation costume for Halloween, it seems your only option will be something handmade---- either by yourself, or by one of the talented designers on Etsy. I've compiled a few options for those of you who are looking. As for myself, I'm holding out hope that eventually Disney will release a Limited Edition Elsa Coronation costume.... that, of course, is based on no fact and just buckets full of my own wishful thinking, but still... 

Do It Yourself: 

I've seen a few great tutorials out there on how to make your own Coronation costume. McCall's offers a pattern for the Blue Elsa costume, but not yet for the Coronation gown. Perhaps the blue dress pattern is a good starting point to modify though?

I imagine the fabrics will cost you a pretty penny, and I don't have a clue how you'd go about doing the rosemaling around the hem. If I were to tackle this project, though, I'd start with Pinterest and Etsy for inspiration. The movie has been out long enough that lots of folks have been playing around with this idea and so there's lots of great examples out there!

I'd start with these two: 


The author at Remodelicious discusses how to go about doing the embroidery on the dress here.

Andrea Shewe Design

Andrea Shewe is a professional pattern maker, and offers an online printable pattern for making an Elsa Coronation Dress here.

If you are a serious sewer, it seems to me that between those two sites you should have all the info you need to create your own Elsa Coronation dress. Unfortunately, that's way beyond my skill level. So, you know, as I said above: I'll just be sitting here with my fingers crossed waiting for the Disney Store to come through. (Unless someone wants to donate a handmade Elsa Coronation dress my way!) 

Buying from Etsy: 

I'm a big proponent of buying things from Etsy, because not only do you get items that are made with love and creative energy, but you are helping to support someone in making a livelihood from their craft. In our house, all of Santa's Christmas presents come from Etsy craftsman, a tradition I am very proud of. 

So, if (like me) you don't feel up to the challenge of sewing your own Elsa coronation gown, you'll be pleased to know there are a few options to purchase one on Etsy. Now, keep in mind that these dresses cost about the same as a Disney Limited Edition costume ($100+) and vary with regard to the level that they follow the movie character's design. As more folks figure out how to make the costume, it does seem like the prices are coming down somewhat.  

Here are some of my favorites: (note, I have never purchased from these designers and am not endorsing their work, per se, beyond saying that if I were to buy a dress it would probably be from one of these shops. Always be sure to thoroughly research before buying from an online vendor: check out their ratings and references first!).

Lady Herndon - $170+

NYC Dress - $110+ 

Princess Opel - $140+

SCbyDesign - $115+

Fashion Vivi - $30+

Caydence Collection - $40+