Teddy Bear Tuesday: Old Timey Fun (or why Greenfield Village is my Zombie Apocalypse bug out plan)

We covered all the critters and farmhouse fun we had in Part 1 of our Teddy Bear trip to Greenfield VillageToday I wanted to share some of the photos from the other things we saw last weekend. (Alas, it rained this weekend so we weren't able to go back). 

After leaving Firestone Farm, we mosey'd on over to the Eagle Tavern for some vittles. The Eagle Tavern is an old stage coach stop. Historically, it offered guests food and lodging. Relocated to Greenfield Village, it serves an authentic turn-of-the-century menu. The fall menu is to die for, and every weekend in September we've been stopping by with fingers crossed... alas, still the summer menu!  

"Visitors will oblige by carrying away this menu and recommending the establishment to their friends." I hope digitally carrying away the menu counts! Though the menu's are fine examples of traditional printing methods, if we kept the menus every time we ate at Eagle Tavern our house would be overrun by now! 

Tables are sat "family style" which means if you have a small group you will be sat with another small group, as the long tables seat 10. In interests of keeping our bears sticky-free, they got their own seat to share at the head of the table. 


The meals come with some samples of old timey appetizers... today that was pickled beans and pickled carrots. The girls generously decided to give these treats to their bears to eat.

After lunch, we took a carriage ride through the village, then headed over to the new "Kids At Work" playground, featuring Disney-level theming.

Check-out this hollowed out truck .... my girls couldn't understand why I FORBADE them from climbing onto the roof even though they could and other kids were doing it...  

One of our favorite features was this over-boiling water heater turned sprinkler... even my husband couldn't resist turning some of the handles and cranks!

Hey, why not put your kids in a cargo net apparatus and spin them at high velocity?

The theming, like I said, it Disney-esq quality. In some places though it seems like aesthetics are maybe trumping safety? These are real tools that have been welded into a fence. They're blunted, but still if the kids are running and not watching where they are looking it's going to really hurt if they run into it!

The playground is a new feature of the village and "modeled after a 1920's construction site"...  which I'm pretty sure also wouldn't be deemed 'kid-safe'. I'm sure it was reviewed by a safety inspector and stuff, right? 

I've always said that Greenfield Village is my zombie apocalypse plan--- there's a wall all the way around it, several small working farms inside, a crafts village for your printing, pottery, wool, saw mill, and glassblowing needs, a cider mill, steam powered trains.... and now this perfect obstacle trap to deal with any stray zombies that make it inside. Perfect!

Of course, the zombie comparison now gives this otherwise innocuous photo of Viola and her teddy bear looking at the flowers a really sinister vibe.... btw, Walking Dead returns soon! Who's excited?  :-)  

Have a great Teddy Bear Tuesday everyone.... still more Greenfield Village pictures to come. Next week I'll finally get around to Abraham Lincoln's courthouse, I promise!!