Palace Pets Slumber Party Fashion Show

In keeping with this week's theme of not writing the posts I was planning on (because I'm a slacker, obviously!) I thought I'd share some recent adorableness with you today instead.

Viola has been growing like a weed and last night we swapped out her closet full of size 5T clothes for size 6T. Turns out I've been squirreling away a few (five) princess nightgowns for her as I've found them on clearance here and there. Both girls LOVE these fancy, silky pajamas but new they cost $39 from the Disney Store and I just can't bring myself to spend that much on PJs. The good news is that they often go on clearance at the end of a season and you can also find them used on eBay. I try to never spend more than $10 and pick them up whenever I can for cheap. 

In a stroke of cosmic fate it turns out that between Viola and Evangeline we have a pair of PJs to match every Palace Pet in our house. Behold, the cuteness that ensued upon discovering this correlation: