Teddy Bear Tuesday: ShellieMay available at Walt Disney World and Disneyland!

I've been excitedly reporting over on my Princess Rants Facebook page about the release of ShellieMay merchandise at WDW and DL, and entirely forgot to share my excitement here on my blog! 

Guess what!!! ShellieMay merchandise is finally available in the parks and - even better! - online at the DisneyStore.com! :-)


My girls fell in love with Duffy on our very first trip to Disney in 2011, and immediately started dressing him in Princess costumes from Build-a-Bear Workshop. A little googling turned up the information that a girl-Disney Bear was available.... but only in Tokyo. I am fortunate to have a global network of friends from Grad School and we were able to get Viola her very own ShellieMay bear from Tokyo DisneySea for her birthday in April 2012. ShellieMay has been a constant companion ever since! 

Even though her merchandise was released earlier this year at Aulani, we had given up hope that she'd ever make the move to mainland USA when the Duffy Meet&Greet was closed in September. It's great to be wrong! I'm so excited that many more kids will get to enjoy sharing adventures with ShellieMay now!

We are keeping our fingers crossed that if her merchandise sells well, that there might be a return of Duffy Meet&Greet and a ShellieMay Meet&Greet someday down the road! That would be the best! :-)

This makes the giveaway that I had just started for our spare ShellieMay from Aulani a bit pointless now, of course! I have always had terrible timing! :-)