Hoppy Easter!

Easter was a low-key affair at our house this year. It's not one of my favorite holidays, to be honest. But as I've said elsewhere "As goes the easter bunny, so goes Santa!" and I LOVE Santa! So, to preserve my over-the-top Chistmases for a few years longer, I'll paint eggs and hide jelly beans and sweep up plastic grass, if I must! 

Instead of boring you with the eggs/jellybeans/grass, I thought instead I'd share a few more pics from our 2015 Trip to Walt Disney World! Bunny themed, of course... 


We didn't have a solid plan for our days at Universal --- or any plan, actually. Once we'd finished up with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, we pretty much roamed free. We were just finishing up lunch at the very cute Mel's Diner when Viola recognized the song "I want candy!" which she has loved ever since she saw HOP. We looked out the window to see none other that E.B. and friends performing on a float parked outside. I had no idea that these characters performed at Universal so it was quite a delightful surprise! Viola was on cloud nine talking to the Easter dancers, while Eva was distracted by bubbles from a bubble gun nearby! 


The girls rode the tea cups for the first time on this trip and they both loved them and wanted to ride over and over. After the first go, when I realized that we were in for several tea cups in a row, I offered to stand in line to meet the White Rabbit and let my husband do the spinning (ha ha!)  

The White Rabbit was pretty excited to see his page in our Autograph Storybook because the page Viola had for him to sign was a picture of him riding the teacup ride what we were standing in front of! It was very cool! I'll write more about that later, I promise!

As we were leaving the area, I noticed this service dog being seated on the tea cups! Amazing, right? I wanted to stay to see how the dog liked the spinning, but alas we had to hurry to see the afternoon parade. I assume that they eventually got him in and, er, seated?