Teddy Bear Tuesday: Padawan Duffy

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

We went to see Avengers2 this weekend and were treated with the Star Wars: Force Awakens trailer in 3D! It looks amazing!!! I can't believe it comes out later this year! I'm so, so excited!!

Duffy is, of course, a big Star Wars fan, obviously. So, we took every opportunity on our last trip to get some pictures of him in his Jedi Training Academy outfit (though his lightsaber got misplaced somewhere along the way!)

Speaking of Star Wars and bears, on Monday Build-a-bear let folks preorder Chewbacca stuffed animals.

I hope this means that we'll have a bunch of new Star Wars teddy bear merchandise to look forward to as we get closer to December, both from BABW and from Disney! Hey, maybe ShellieMay will have finally made it to the USA by then?  She'll make a great Teddy Princess Leia! Fingers crossed!