A little Disney magic in unexpected places!

Viola recognized these doorknobs on the entry to a new restaurant near us called the Mad Hatter Bistro! We haven't had the opportunity to try it out yet, but it looks amazing!! Love finding bits of whimsy in unexpected places! 

I've been noticing Hidden Mickey's in some of our favorite TV shows / movies lately, too! Not sure whether it's just that my Hidden Mickey finding eye is better tuned after three trips to WDW, or if they're becoming more prevalent?

We noticed this one in an episode of Once Upon a Time earlier this season (amongst the contents of a junk drawer): 

And this one a few weeks ago when we got Big Hero 6 on DVD! (That's Hiro's sneaker):

I've been posting them to my PrincessRants Facebook account when I find them, but thought I'd take a minute to share them here too since I'm not sure that everyone who reads the blog is also following on FB or not. 

How about you, have you come across Disney magic in your hometown? (If you live in FL or CA it doesn't count!) :-)