Hidden Mickey's - Chicago Edition!

We didn't take our Duffy bears with us to Chicago since it was a doll-centric weekend, so I don't have a Teddy Bear Tuesday for you today. However, our hotel happened to be right above the Chicago Disney Store and walking past on our way to the American Girl store we spotted these great Hidden Mickeys in the store's decor! :-)

For a little bit more Disney magic on our Chicago trip, we met this awesome former CM at the Science and Industry museum. The girls noticed the trading pins on her uniform and were momentarily upset. "I didn't know they did pin trading here!!!" Viola complained! 

The CM was super friendly and discussed pins with the girls and even tried to stump them by asking if they knew what her bear pin was from --- duh, one of the icon characters from Midway Mania! Viola has "unlucky bunny" who is also one of the icon characters from Midway mania. (He was dubbed "unlucky bunny" by the CM who traded her for it in a bundled trade because, quote, "no one wants him and I've had him for weeks!"  He is now one of Viola's prized pins, though she insists that he really is bad luck and blames him for everything from bad lunch to general clumsiness! She also has the cat, amarillo, and gazelle... she would have LOVED to get her hands on that bear pin!) 

Why do I love Disney so much, some people ask. Because no matter where you go you can find other people who love Disney too, and you have an instant connection to them! It's truly magical, the community that exists!

#throwbackthursday: hidden mickey circa 1994 (Minnie Moo)

Here's a rare Hidden Mickey you won't see any more! Found this old photo of Minnie the Cow (aka Minnie Moo) from our 1994 trip. 

Sadly, Minnie the Cow passed away in 2001 at the old age of 15 (the average cow's lifespan I've read is just 12, so it's safe to assume Minnie had a great life living at Disney World thanks to her unusual markings).

Want a bit more #tbt?  Check out this article about Minnie Moo's original acquisition thanks to the google archives, circa 1990!