Frozen merchandise finally coming to Build-a-Bear!

Frozen merchandise is coming to Build-a-Bear "in time for the holiday shopping season". Honestly, I'm surprised it took them so long! We've been getting by since last Christmas with the Anna/Elsa American Girl sized costumes that "Santa" brought (from Etsy), but the girls get frustrated getting them on/off their ShellieMay bears

I'm pretty surprised that BABW was able to license sound bites for the popular movie songs.... I was hoping to avoid buying more bears, but that might be hard to do, they look so cute! And apparently they'll sing!! Alternatively, I'm thinking maybe I can work the soundchips into the bears' costumes somehow in the same way that some of the Limited Edition costumes have singing amulets...I sense some bedazzling in my future. :-)

UPDATE: Shortly after finishing up this post I received a VIP email from BABW that the Frozen merchandise was available from the online store. I tried, but was unable to place an order online. So, I called up and ordered the costumes for the girls via their customer service line and they said that they were experiencing a ton of calls even though the email went out to "only the VIP list". Our local BABW location said that they'll have the bears available on the 1st of November, so we're going to try and go make the bears this Saturday.... I wanted to make sure we got the costumes, just in case they sell out, but the girls LOVE making their own bears so I decided not to buy the bears from the online store, and take our chances on the 1st... the woman I spoke with said that they'd received 5 crates of Elsa and Anna bears.... hopefully that'll last a few hours! :-)

Below are our handmade from 'Santa' bear costumes, purchased from EliesStitches (Etsy)

Teddy Bear Tuesday: Critter Roundup


We're trying to make it out to Greenfield Village as much as possible while the weather is good... and by "good" I mean we still had to wear layers and fall jackets. Apparently, summer entirely missed Michigan this year; but, we're making the best of it. 

We've taken our teddy bears along two previous times: once dressed as an aviator to visit the Wright Brother's Bicycle shop, and once dressed as train conductors to ride Henry Ford's personal steam locomotive and see the roundhouse. Inexplicably before we left Viola decided that Duffy needed to wear his Sheriff Woody costume to visit Firestone Farm.

Firestone Farm is one of the girls' favorite parts of the village, but somewhat stressful for me because it is a genuine working farm. There is a hot stove, and sharp kitchen things, and sharp farm utensils, and genuine unsafeness all around for little kids. On the upside, there are baby cows to see and chickens to chase, and horses to hitch, so.... it's a tradeoff.

We took lots of adorable photos which I'll have to parcel out over a few Teddy Bear Tuesdays, since Squarespace is being twitchy about long photo blog posts. Here are the ones from the farm, enjoy! 


The corn looks great this year, perfect for the upcoming spooky Halloween nights! The girls set a bad example by climbing the fences. Teddy bears are terribly susceptible to bad examples. By the way, Duffy is wearing his Sheriff Woody costume from BABW, and Shelly is wearing a Jessie costume, also from BABW.

There were lots of critters in need of rescuin'....

Afterward, we mosey'd on in to the Firestone Farm house, where Harvey Firestone was born. Village staff play the parts of a farm family and go about a regular day's schedule. when we were there, the men were busy hitchin' up the horses for a Sunday ride, and the ladies were finishing up preparing a big Sunday dinner. We relaxed in the parlor (away from the hot stove!) 

Checking out the old timey desk...

Checking out the old timey desk...

And the old timey view master... 

And the old timey view master... 

Keepin' a close watch on the critters.... 

Keepin' a close watch on the critters.... 

There were more critters in the barn, of course.


Viola got some quiet time with the horses, and learned about harnessing them up to pull wagons.

Meanwhile, out in the yard, the big birds were getting a wee bit too close..

We even found a bear-sized buggy!  Giddyup!

Be sure to check back for next week's Teddy Bear Tuesday post when we'll cover the food at Eagle Tavern, the Circuit Court where Abraham Lincoln first practiced law, the local haberdashery and reveal which is the luckiest animal on the Carousel!  

Here is a sneak peak...  :-) 

Teddy Bear Tuesday: Wedding Bells

A few years back, the girls had the honor of being flower girls at their godfather's wedding, which was a beautiful outdoors affair held at a nearby Botanical Gardens on a perfect sunny summer afternoon. I'm not sure when the idea came up, but somehow the girls' Duffy and Shelly bears ended up having a part in the ceremony, too--- as ring pillows!  You see that little box tied between Duffy's hands. Yeah, that's where the rings were! The girls carried ShellieMay all dressed in white and the ring bearer carried Duffy in a tiny tuxedo and the rings. Check out the cuteness! :-)

Of course, now that we have the costumes from Build-A-Bear Workshop, Duffy and ShellieMay get married quite often! 

New Palace Pets coming August 1st!

We stopped by Build-a-Bear this weekend to pick up a gift card and outfit as a birthday present for Viola's very good friend (and fellow Disney Princess fan). Viola was pretty excited about this flyer announcing two new Palace Pets coming August 1st! Viola has been working toward earning the reward of a Build-a-Bear for the past few weeks... she had her eye on the new My Little Pony Apple Jack but as soon as she saw the flyer Apple Jack fell a few rungs down her priority list.... two, to be exact!  


Haven't heard of the Palace Pets yet? Lucky you!! They were an instant hit at our house... Princesses + Snuggly kittens and puppies + sparkly tiaras?  Why don't I just have my paycheck direct deposited into Disney's bank account?

Just as a side note, it seems that Rapunzel's horse Blondie has been replaced with a yellow kitten named Summer? According to Viola this is because BABW didn't have enough fabric to make a bunch of ponies.... Upon further investigation it seems that each princess has both a pony and a small furry pet (kitten, puppy, bunny, skunk, etc.) So, yeah, umm... like I was saying about my paycheck going straight to Disney?...


Teddy Bear Tuesday: How to Train Your (Stuffed) Dragon

They look pretty cute together, don't they?  I know, I know it's crossing animation studios, but I feel like Duffy and Toothless would get along very well in a cross-over universe, don't you? :-)

It was a pretty exciting weekend here for us! First, there was the grand opening of a NEW! Disney Store location at the mall nearest to our house! And then it was also opening weekend for How to Train Your Dragon 2, which we had been looking forward to for months! 

Two weeks ago I was in Minnesota for a business trip and had the opportunity to swing by the Mall of America on my way to the airport. I was most excited to visit their Disney Store and Lego Store and American Girl Store and, of course, the amusement park in the middle. But while searching for unusual gifts to bring back for the girls, I passed Build-A-Bear Workshop and saw in the window these adorable little Toothless bears. The clerk told me they were limited edition and not every store received them, and that there was no guarantee that they'd be stocked at my BABW back home, so I bought one and brought it home (unstuffed).

Though not technically a teddy bear, here are some pictures from our Toothless BABW adventure! 


The unstuffed Toothless ended up being a gift for my husband--- because, essentially, I didn't want to have to choose which girl to give it to and now my husband gets to parcel out the playtime with it! The girls each received a H2TYD2 hoodie for their Duffy bears, though. As you can see, Daddy was a great sport about the whole thing and the girls loved "teaching" him how to stuff a build-a-bear!

Happy Teddy Bear Tuesday everyone!