Cinderella's Royal Table - 2015 Refurbishment

At our 180- Advance Dining Reservation deadline for our 2015 trip, reservations for Cinderella's Royal Table weren't available due to scheduled refurbishment during our trip. We called consistently and ultimately were able to schedule breakfast for the first available morning that the restaurant reopened (Mar 7!). We had had a wonderful dinner there on our last trip and wanted to see what Breakfast was like!

When we arrived at Magic Kingdom earlier in the week, we were surprised to see the giant crane working on the castle. When we asked cast members about it, they told us that they'd had to go in through the roof for the CRT renovations. That tidbit fueled my anticipation for seeing what had changed inside: what did they do that required taking the roof off?! I kept thinking all week.

The day of our reservation, we woke the girls up early so I could do my best fairy godmother impersonation at the hotel room (this was bc breakfast reservations were earlier than the first Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique option--- one of the drawbacks of doing breakfast instead of lunch or dinner). Once we arrived at the castle there was a long line to check in, which gave me enough time to take the girls for a dusting of pixie dust and photos courtesy of Castle Couture. 


The girls wore their 'vintage' blue Cinderella dresses (eBay), with tiaras (The Disney Store) and silver shoes (Payless). 

Upon entering the castle, they had the opportunity to get photos with Cinderella. She was wearing her winter dress that day, which was fun to see! Eva has matured since last year and she was finally willing to give her favorite princess a hug and pose for a picture (as opposed to, you know, hiding her face behind her Duffy bear!)

Then, it was time to head up to the dining area. I love these windy stairs, they're a great place for pictures if you're quick about it! Viola even lost her shoe---- (legitimately, not staged!) on the way up. 

In addition to Cinderella in the lobby, we had the pleasure of meeting Aurora, Ariel, Jasmine, and Snow White! 

The breakfast fare that we had was probably my least favorite of the trip; dinner at CRT wins hands down over breakfast IMO. 

Cinderella's table continues to be an absolute must-do, especially if you have little girls obsessed with princesses like I do! On our next trip, however, I think we will likely go back to scheduling dinner reservations instead of breakfast. Considering that the cost is the same, I think you get a much better meal at dinner time (the desserts! omg!) Food aside, I also think it's a lovely thing to be able to take your daughter to the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique and then to Cinderella's castle... I can't think of a more magical combination! And the first BBBoutique reservation isn't until 9 or so most days.

Oh, wait! What about the refurbishment that required them to swing a giant crane through the roof, you say? What is different about the restaurants interior?!

Honestly, not much. I actually had to ask the waitress what had changed and she pointed out the differences to me: lighter stain on the wood panelling of the walls (I guess it used to be the same dark color as the ceiling rafters still are?), a different patterned carpet, and new upholstery on the chairs. She also shared that the restaurant got an entirely new kitchen. 

Can you spot the differences?

Thanks for reading, and be sure to keep checking back as I add more reviews and pictures from our 2015 trip