Teddy Bear Tuesday: How to Train Your (Stuffed) Dragon

They look pretty cute together, don't they?  I know, I know it's crossing animation studios, but I feel like Duffy and Toothless would get along very well in a cross-over universe, don't you? :-)

It was a pretty exciting weekend here for us! First, there was the grand opening of a NEW! Disney Store location at the mall nearest to our house! And then it was also opening weekend for How to Train Your Dragon 2, which we had been looking forward to for months! 

Two weeks ago I was in Minnesota for a business trip and had the opportunity to swing by the Mall of America on my way to the airport. I was most excited to visit their Disney Store and Lego Store and American Girl Store and, of course, the amusement park in the middle. But while searching for unusual gifts to bring back for the girls, I passed Build-A-Bear Workshop and saw in the window these adorable little Toothless bears. The clerk told me they were limited edition and not every store received them, and that there was no guarantee that they'd be stocked at my BABW back home, so I bought one and brought it home (unstuffed).

Though not technically a teddy bear, here are some pictures from our Toothless BABW adventure! 


The unstuffed Toothless ended up being a gift for my husband--- because, essentially, I didn't want to have to choose which girl to give it to and now my husband gets to parcel out the playtime with it! The girls each received a H2TYD2 hoodie for their Duffy bears, though. As you can see, Daddy was a great sport about the whole thing and the girls loved "teaching" him how to stuff a build-a-bear!

Happy Teddy Bear Tuesday everyone!