#throwbackthursday: Best of Facepainting

Yesterday I wrote about our trip to the Michigan Renaissance Festival. Late in the afternoon the girls chose to spend the remainder of their souvenir money on face painting - surprise! Both girls have a thing for getting their faces painted (I guess most kids do)--- the bigger, and more colorful the better! At the risk of sounding like a grumpy old person: they call that facepainting? In my day they plopped a heart on your cheek and sent you on your way!

Ever since the great facepainting fiasco of 2011, I've made sure to get a picture while the facepaint is fresh, to comfort them when it inevitably gets smudged/wiped/cleaned/showered away. For #tbt I dug out some pictures our favorite past facepaintings! Enjoy!

2014: Michigan Renaissance Festival 

2013: Princess and Pirate Birthday Party

For Viola's 5th birthday we toyed around with the idea of hiring a singing princess for her party but decided instead to hire a local facepainter. It was more affordable and something that all the kids enjoyed, boys and girls! The artist we hired did a great job of matching the colors to the girls' princess dresses and making surly pirate faces for the boys, and even had time to decorate a few of the parents! It was a lot of fun and I would definitely do it again!  (Photos by our good friend, Adam at BreakfastWithAdam and facepainting by the very talented Cindy at Curlie's Face Art.)

2011: Animal Kingdom, Disney World

On our very first trip to Disney World, Viola was given $10 in Disney dollars (you know, the ones with Mickey on them instead of a president?) to spend any way she wanted. About 1/2 way through the trip she decided to spent the entire amount to get her face painted while we waited for the parade. This in and of itself was fine, it was a good way to keep her occupied while we waited. Unfortunately, on that trip, Viola developed an absolute terror of the public restrooms with the "magic potties". When it was time for her to go, she cried and cried... and cried all the facepaint off, then cried some more over the ruined facepaint. All-in-all, it was the absolute worst day of our trip. It was ironic, therefor, that when we returned home and saw these pictures for the first time... they are some of my favorites from that trip! The facepainting was absolutely beautiful, even if it only lasted ten minutes!


Michigan Renaissance Festival (2014)

Last weekend we enjoyed a beautiful, sunny fall afternoon in Holly, MI at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. It turned out to be the last warm day of the summer, so I'm glad we spent it out doors having fun!  Viola was excited to wear her new (off-brand) Tinkerbell costume. Evangeline, unexpectedly, refused a costume in the morning--- I don't think that's ever happened before! I stowed our Rapunzel (theme park) dress in the day bag, just in case.

This was Eva's first trip to the Renaissance Festival, and I thought she'd be all about it (princesses, flowers, fairies... those are pretty much her three favorite things!) but it took a few hours for her to warm up to it all. The customary Renaissance Festival flower head wreath helped, of course.

On our way to the children's costume contest we ran into this cute little girl. Her father told me they found this Merida dress at Costco... for $12! Can you believe it? He said Costco has a whole line of really nice princess dresses and I have to say, I was really impressed by the design and quality of this one. For those of you still looking for halloween costumes, you might check it out! (Maybe now I have a good reason to get a Costco membership... )

We made our way over to the children's area, and it was a good thing I had had the foresight to put the Rapunzel dress in the day bag, because once the children's costume contest was announced her bottom lip started to quiver and it was clear that she regretted her decision... Fortunately I was able to slip it on over her dress really quick and get her up on the stage!

This year's children's costume contest had at least four times the number of kids as the last time we were here and it seemed to go on forever. Each kid had their moment in the spotlight, though, and again the children's costume contest ended in a tie (shocker!) If I had to pick a winner, I'd pick the little girl in the super-rare Belle Wedding costume standing to the left of Viola, but that's just me... :-)

The Michigan Renaissance Festival has continued to grow in size and there were lots of new things to explore along with revisiting our old favorites. The girls we exceptionally excited to visit the mermaid, who makes chirping noises and hands out wishing stones!

And to ride the ponies, too of course. ("It's like a carousel only with like horses!" - Viola)

I wrote yesterday about all the adorable fairy houses that we saw there. If it had been up to the girls we wouldn't have gotten any further than this! It was quite the challenge to pull them both away. I was really, really tempted to get Viola "arrested", but her dad and I decided that she was probably just a wee bit too young still and that there was as much of a chance that that would be a truly traumatizing experience as a fun one. (Next year!)  So, instead, we got our faces painted and visited this weird potted plant guy near the exit...

(We were stopped by these traveling fairies who thought the girls must be their long-lost twins!)

All-in-all, any day that leads to driving home with two exhausted, sound asleep, and therefor silent kids, it a good day in my book!

Teddy Bear Tuesday: Fairy House Shopping

Last weekend we drove out to Holly for the Michigan Renaissance Festival. Viola wore her new (off brand) Tinkerbell costume and Evangeline her (hand me down, Theme park) Rapunzel dress. It was a sparkling, sun-shining day and likely the last warm day of the summer. Both ShellieMay bears came dressed as fairies. The first thing that the girls wanted to do, of course, was find the fairy houses. 

The last time that we were are the RenFest the fairy houses were hidden throughout the grounds in flower gardens here-and-there, and it was a delight to find them unexpectedly. This year, they'd been herded together into a fairy house subdivision toward the back of the festival. I had my doubts, but the girls actually seemed to enjoy them more this way. They spent forever peeking into every little door and window, exclaiming over the tiny details. There was much discussion over where their fairy-bears might want to reside, if they were tiny fairy-bear size... here are some of our favorites!  Enjoy!  :-)

All-in-all it was a great way to spend the last day of summer, with teddy bears and fairy houses. We ran into the good green fairy a couple times throughout the day. She was handing out fairy wishing stones, so the girls came home with lots of little sparkly hopes to put under their pillows before bedtime. 

Teddy Bear Tuesday: Michigan Renaissance Festival

A few years back we attended the Michigan Renaissance Festival. Being that it was Pirate Weekend Viola brought along her Duffy and ShellieMae dressed in their pirate gear! Viola enjoyed picking out "the most beautiful" guests she saw to pose with the bears for her scrapbook. My personal favorite picture is this one (below) with the knight. We have pictures of Viola with this particular knight every year since she was a baby (though I don't actually know his name, I just know him as 'hey, look, there's the knight we got Cello's picture taken with last year!')  


By far the most exciting moment of the day for Viola was when she saw "The real Captain Jack Sparrow!" Fortunate for us, Captain Jack was a good sport about posing for pictures with teddy bears. In fact, everyone she asked was a pretty good sport about it. We didn't make it to the Renaissance festival the past two years, but are looking forward to going this summer for sure! We'll have to try to make it for pirate weekend again so we can add more pictures to our scrapbook! Or perhaps something entirely different? (Entirely different, you know, relatively speaking...)