New Merchandise: DisneyStore Deluxe Costumes and BABW Toothless!

To celebrate back-to-school for both the girls (Evangeline is starting PreK this year!) we stopped by the mall for dinner and to buy the My Little Ponies (AppleJack and Trixie) that the girls have been saving up for all summer. Of course, BABW is right next to the DisneyStore now, so we stopped in to see the new Deluxe princess costumes first hand. I wasn't overwhelmed by the photos online, but thought maybe it would be a case where they were prettier in person. 

The Deluxe costumes are very nice quality, and I like the way that the sparkles come down from the waistline instead of up from the hem, but the skirts are very stiff material and overall I don't find them to be heads and shoulders above the other costumes. Disney released three new Deluxe costumes for 2014 Halloween: Belle, Rapunzel, and Aurora. Perhaps if we didn't already have these costumes I would spring of these new Deluxe versions, but as it is I didn't think they were so fancy as to warrant trading in the ones we already have. The Deluxe versions will cost you around $90, but Disney has been running some promotions on costumes this month so you might be able to get them at a discount. 

I'm positively in love with the Deluxe Aurora shoes and was really hoping there would be a Limited Edition Aurora costume on the way, but it seems like that's not the plan. Sad face. :-(

One really nice detail that I wanted to mention is that each of the dresses comes with a little packet of extra buttons! I was pretty excited about this when I saw it---- could it be that Disney read my comment about losing the buttons to our Elsa LE costume and decided to include buttons from now on? More likely lots of parents had the same frustration I had with lose buttons and no replacement. Whatever the case, I thought it was a very nice touch to add the extra buttons; being a separate package (as opposed to attached on the inside of the dress somewhere) means you'll have to remember to put them somewhere safe. I don't know about you, but I can never remember where that super safe place was when I get around to needing the thing,.. 

The costumes I was most taken with on this visit were the new slightly redesigned Sofia the First dress and the Mulan dress. The Sofia dress looks a lot like the original costume, and I like the return to that earlier skirt design with the simpler pattern. The sleeves are fancier, though, with a crushed velvet type material that is incorporated into the 2-tone bodice. Now this is a costume I would trade our old costume in for! Very nice! If you've been thinking about purchasing a Sofia dress, this is the one to get, in my opinion.

The Mulan costume has a lovely mix of patterned material, a pretty pink ruffle on the bottom, and a lovely bow in the back. I had Viola try on both the 5/6 and 7/8--- there is a pretty big size difference between the two. The 5/6 fits her perfectly now, but since we're planning a trip in next March, I decided to go with the 7/8.  After the discount code they were offering and my Disney Visa discount and free shipping and all, I ended up paying around $30. I think that was a great deal for the quality that this costume is! 

We also saw this cute, cute Sofia the First hoodie. It was a little outside my price range, but super adorable. I'll definitely be watching for this one to go on sale! 

From there, we headed to Build-a-Bear Workshop where Viola made Trixie and Eva made Apple Jack. The girls have been saving up their allowance all summer to add the last two My Little Ponies to their Collection. I noticed that in their Disney section they have a few strategically placed bears in light blue dresses.... still waiting on an official Disney Anna/Elsa BABW costume set! Hopefully they'll have a Kristoff costume, too! 

We also received this exciting news at the register: they're bring back Toothless! And this time with a cute little saddle add-on! The cashier said they'll be in probably around the end of the month or early October. I was on a business trip to Mall of America when HTTYD2 came out and I grabbed a toothless for the girls as a souvenir. It's SUPER CUTE, but the first thing Viola asked when she saw it was "where is his saddle?" 


Teddy Bear Tuesday: How to Train Your (Stuffed) Dragon

They look pretty cute together, don't they?  I know, I know it's crossing animation studios, but I feel like Duffy and Toothless would get along very well in a cross-over universe, don't you? :-)

It was a pretty exciting weekend here for us! First, there was the grand opening of a NEW! Disney Store location at the mall nearest to our house! And then it was also opening weekend for How to Train Your Dragon 2, which we had been looking forward to for months! 

Two weeks ago I was in Minnesota for a business trip and had the opportunity to swing by the Mall of America on my way to the airport. I was most excited to visit their Disney Store and Lego Store and American Girl Store and, of course, the amusement park in the middle. But while searching for unusual gifts to bring back for the girls, I passed Build-A-Bear Workshop and saw in the window these adorable little Toothless bears. The clerk told me they were limited edition and not every store received them, and that there was no guarantee that they'd be stocked at my BABW back home, so I bought one and brought it home (unstuffed).

Though not technically a teddy bear, here are some pictures from our Toothless BABW adventure! 


The unstuffed Toothless ended up being a gift for my husband--- because, essentially, I didn't want to have to choose which girl to give it to and now my husband gets to parcel out the playtime with it! The girls each received a H2TYD2 hoodie for their Duffy bears, though. As you can see, Daddy was a great sport about the whole thing and the girls loved "teaching" him how to stuff a build-a-bear!

Happy Teddy Bear Tuesday everyone!